Here are some rules to follow to avoid wasting away your beautiful, freshly picked vegetables:

  • All leafy vegetables and greens should be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container (plastic bag, ziplock, container with lid, or the like) to prevent wilting. A paper towel can also be inserted to absorb excess moisture.
  • We often offer you root vegetables in bunches with the foliage. It is preferable to cut the foliage of its roots before putting everything in the fridge. Otherwise, the roots will use all of its energy to keep the foliage alive and the root may wilt.
  • Once you have cut and stored the foliage, the roots themselves (carrots, beets, radishes, etc.) are also best stored in an airtight container (plastic bag or any closed container). This will keep them crunchier.
  • All the foliage cut from the roots is also edible. For example, it is possible to use beet leaves in salads or in sautéed vegetables. Even carrot leaves are super nutritious and can be eaten much like parsley. Add it to homemade broths, pestos, finely sliced ​​in salads or in your smoothies or green juices!
  • Several other vegetables can be stored in a container to prevent them from wilting in the refrigerator: beans, zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli … However, avoid excessively airtight containers that create condensation, as excess humidity will promote also their withering away.
  • Some vegetables must even be kept at room temperature. For example, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes will lose flavor and suffer from cold marks in the fridge … but still be mindful, since if it is very hot, their ripening may accelerate. An air-conditioned room is optimal. The same goes for peppers and eggplants.
  • Dry onions, storage garlic and squash that we will bring you this fall can also be stored much longer outside the fridge, which is way too humid.
  • Our beautiful apples shouldn’t be left on the counter for several days if you want them to stay crunchy! Leave them in the fridge and take them out only a few hours before eating them if you prefer to eat them warmer
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