Our Organic Gardens

We cultivate about 2.5 hectare of diverse organic gardens to offer you the most delicious fruits and vegetables ever!

We don’t use any herbicides on our small-scale market garden. We prefer using different kinds of mulches, mechanic and manual weeding, and flame weeding to provide the best growing conditions for our vegetables.

Furthermore, we strive for healthy plants without using harmful products for you and the environment. Crop rotation and diversification play an important role in preventing problems in the fields. In the event of crop illness or pests, we use organic natural products, such as plant extracts, bacteria, clay and minerals to reduce negative impacts on the plants.

Finally, our priority is maintaining our soil quality. Of course, we don’t use any synthetic fertilizers. Manure, composts and green manures offer us much more organic matter. Our rich and vibrant soil is what gives our produce this unique flavour. You will taste the difference!