Organic Basket

Do you know the Organic Basket formula?

With its content determined by your favorite farmers, the organic basket offers you the renewed pleasure of discovering each week the surprise harvest offered by Mother Nature! With an abundance of the most popular vegetables and some new ones to discover, its content fits naturally in your weekly menu.

Why choose the organic basket? It offers you so much MORE:

SAVINGS – 12% to 15% more vegetables compared to our market prices.
DIVERSITY – 60 different varieties of fruits, herbs and vegetables. You get 8 to 12 different items in your basket each week.
FLEXIBILITY – Our adjacent kiosk offers you a large selection of products if you wish to swap an item for another one you prefer. We also offer several options to manage your holidays and absences during the season.
FRESHNESS – Most of our products are harvested less than 24h in advance, coming directly from our gardens in Dunham.
FLAVOR – The quality of our organic soils and all the importance we give to choosing the best cultivars makes a huge difference on the taste of our produce!

Basket sizes

REGULAR BASKET – 20 deliveries
For 2 to 4 people. 34.25$/delivery. Suitable for a family with 2 children or for a couple who eats a lot of vegetables.

We also offer the possibility to subscribe for only 18 weeks if you plan a holiday during the season. Other options are also available to give you flexibility in case of absence. Contact us for more information.

BI-WEEKLY BASKET – 10 deliveries
For 1 or 2 people. 34.25$/delivery. Contains the same products as the regular basket, but is delivered every 2 weeks. Suitable for a couple or for 1 person eating a lot of vegetables.

If planned in advance, you can change your delivery dates to give you the possibility to manage your holidays and other absences.

Delivery points

Métro Plus

Thursdays – 4pm to 6:30pm

Métro Famille Domingue – Vieux-Longueuil
From mid-June to end of October
Address : 395 St-Charles West, Old-Longueuil

MArché Longueuil

Fridays – 12pm to 6:30pm & Saturdays – 9am to 2:30pm

Marché public de Longueuil 
From mid-June to end of October
Address : 4200 de la Savane, Longueuil (St-Hubert)


Wednesdays – 4pm to 6pm

La Rumeur affamée Sutton
From mid-June to end of October
Address : 15 Principale Nord, Sutton