First delivery – Organic Baskets 2020

Around mid-May, everybody seems to feel a spring fever and wants to eat a basket of freshness! You are then more and more to write to us to question on the expected date of the first basket 😉


For the current season 2020, our current objective is to deliver the first baskets on the following dates:

  • Métro Drouin Vieux-Longueuil: Thursday June 18th
  • Marché public de Longueuil: Saturday June 20th & Sunday June 21st


Each spring, however, presents its share of unknowns in terms of weather cocktail and this greatly influences our ability to reach our goal. This spring had the particularity of offering us late frosts, which delayed many plantings in the fields. The sun and the heat are now there, but we will wait in June before confirming if all this will allow us to make up for lost time … or not! There is therefore a certain probability that the date of the first basket of a delivery point, or both, would be delayed by one week:

  • Métro Drouin Vieux-Longueuil: Thursday June 25th
  • Marché public de Longueuil: Saturday June 27th & Sunday June 28th


In addition, for subscribers who have signed up to receive a basket every 2 weeks, you will be separated into 2 groups. Group A will receive its first basket on first delivery and Group B on second delivery. Depending on the group to which you will be assigned by our automated system, the date of your first delivery could thus vary by one week. If you have a certain delivery sequence that would better suit your planned activities, please write to us at


So watch your emails between June 8th and 10th. We will then send the confirmation on the official start of the season and a link to your personalized online calendar. The online calendar will allow you to:

  • Confirm the date of YOUR first delivery, taking into account the specifics of your subscription;
  • Choose a timeslot to pickup your parcel (In order to facilitate social distancing and COVID-19 prevention);
  • Modify the date of certain deliveries to manage your absences and holidays;
  • Exchange a basket for an equivalent credit, to be spent at any time throughout the season on complementary products or at our kiosk at Marché public de Longueuil.

Loyal to my Farmer Contest 2020!

Dear loyal subscribers,

For the opening of our 2020 summer baskets registration, we have concocted, with the other farms in the Family Farmers Network, an exclusive contest open only to you! By registering to our organic baskets HERE before March 1st, you have the chance to win one of the 10 refunds of 100$ offered by the Network. (PS: when you do so, don’t forget to click on the Participate Button in your invoice in order to complete your registration to the contest)

This year again, reiterate your choice to support organic and local agriculture, to support local economy and our farm. In turn, we are committed to offering you varied seasonal products, picked at maturity the day before the delivery of your organic basket, so that you can enjoy maximum freshness and flavor. And all this without neglecting to cultivate the land while respecting the soil and biodiversity to preserve all its vitality!

Thank you for your loyalty to our farm and your solidarity with the whole Family Farmers Network!

NousRire members are falling for apples!

We shared our beautiful organic apples at the various NousRire pick-up points this fall and this winter! The members of NousRire St-Hubert, Nous Rire Sherbrooke, NousRire Sutton, NousRire Mile-End and NousRire Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu were able to discover our apples and stock up. Are you a NousRire member? Sign-up to our Facebook page to be aware of our presence during the packaging days!

It’s also possible to reserve apple boxes  (full 35lbs or half 17lbs) by placing an order in advance by email at We will deliver your order on site at the packing day. Whether it’s to make juice, compote or simply a supply of beautiful organic apples for snacks, buying apples by the box will much more economical!

Win an organic basket!

Join the contest organized in collaboration with the public market in Longueuil to win one of our organic baskets!

To do this, you must:

– Like the Facebook pages of Terre Fruitière and the Marché public de Longueuil

– Like the publication related to the contest on the page of the Marché public de Longueuil

– Comment on the publication of the Market by telling us who you would like to cook a delicious meal to.

Share the contest with all your firends!

Draw is on 6th of July at 12 pm – This contest is organized by the Longueuil Public Market and is open to all major persons. The organizers declare that Facebook is in no way engaged in this contest.

Organic Baskets 2017

It’s now time to sign up for your organic basket for the 2017 season! As of mid-June, we will deliver in Vieux-Longueuil every Thursday and at Marché public de Longueuil every Saturday and Sunday. Visit the Organic Basket  page to know more about this formula.

The 2017 season will be longer!

We have acquired our first greenhouse to offer you even more freshness! The 2017 season will thus be a few weeks longer and we will have different products longer in season. Tomatoes in June and freshly picked greens in October…this is what awaits you in your baskets and at our stand at Marché public de Longueuil!

Organic baskets 2016

Registration period is open for 2016 Organic Baskets. We’ll deliver our delicious vegetables and fruits in Longueuil at Les Urbainculteur and Marché public de Longueuil.

Information meeting 2016

We will give informations and answer your questions about our 2016 Organic baskets on April 16th at Les urbainculteurs shop in Longueuil. Looking forward to meet you!